Cashdrawer does not open.

Describes various scenarios in which your cash drawer does not open.

  1. Please make sure that there is a blue light on top of your cash drawer. It indicates if it is switched on.
  2. Please make sure there is no red light next to the blue light. It indicates that the paper tray is empty.
  3. In the upper right corner inside the application, left to the internet connection indicator there is text.
  4. It displays the status of you cash drawer.�
  5. Press it and the app will ask you if you wish to attempt a reconnect.
  6. Confirm the reconnection.

The cash drawer might become disconnected if the electricity of the cash drawer is lost or if you accidentally switch off bluetooth in the device that is running the app.�

We have added an automatic procedure that enables bluetooth if is disabled when you attempt to reconnect, but you might have to try the reconnection twice for it work as expected.