How do I create a new tax type?

Creating a new tax type

We find Store in the left navigation bar and click on it.

Then we find Taxes in the menu that appears and click on that.

Near the top, below the Add a tax rate button, we find Tax types and click it.

We should now see a list of the tax types we already have, unless we have none.

The button up top should now say Add a tax type and if we click on it we should see a form for adding a new tax type.


A required administrative title of this tax type. It is recommended that this title begin with a capital letter and contain only letters, numbers, and spaces.

Display title

An optional front end display title of this tax type shown to customers. If left blank it defaults to what you put in Title.


Optional description text. The text will be displayed in the tax type overview table.

Display taxes of this type inclusive in product prices

If this value is checked on the tax rates of this type are calculated as a part of the item price. Otherwise they will be calculated as an addition onto the item price. For example, VAT versus Sales tax.

Tax rounding mode

Specify what type of rounding should occur when tax rates of this type are calculated for the unit price of a line item. Sales taxes will generally not round these amounts at the unit price level, while VAT style taxes will generally round the half up.

Click Save tax type and our new tax type should be ready for use.

Note: If you do not see the option for Taxes under Store or the button to add a tax type please contact us.