How to make variations

This article describes how to make variations on products.

Variations are very useful for products that are sold with multiple variations, for example pizzas with different toppings, tea with different flavours or products that are sold in various sizes.

  1. To start off, log in to your admin and head to Store > Variation Sets and create your variation set by clicking Add variation set, fill out the name and description box and click save. A variation set for a pizzeria could be for example "Pizza Ingredients"
  2. Then create a Variation Attribute by going to Store > Variation attributes > + Add attribute, fill out a name and hit save. Variation Attributes for a pizzeria could be for example "Doughs", "Sauces" & "Toppings". Variation attributes are like variation folders within the variation set.
  3. Now go back to Store > Variation Sets to create your variations. On the right hand side of your variation set, click View > Add variation.
  4. Label* is the name of your variation.
  5. Select the appropriate variation attribute.
  6. Under price adjustment > Price you can type in how much that variation costs extra.
  7. Under price adjustment > Price operation you can choose if the amount subtracts or adds to the price of the original product.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. Repeat steps 3 - 8 until you have all the variations you want to use. Now you should have a fully functioning variation set.
  10. Go to Store > items > products, find the product that you want to attach the variation set to and click on edit.
  11. On the product page, scroll down. Under Administrative is a drop-down box called Variation Sets, select the appropriate variation set.
  12. Save.