How do I create a new subscription item?

How to create a new subscription item

First we navigate to the Items page. It is located on the left navigation bar under Store.

Next we click the Create item button in the top right. It is the large button with the plus sign.

We should get a selection box. Since we are creating a subscription we select Subscription.

We are now redirected to a subscription specific item creation page.

A subscription item requires certain fields to be filled out.


Title is the name of the item.

Product SKU is the identifier of the item.

Description is an optional description we can include with our item.

Summary is also an optional but generally shorter description.

Status tells the system whether this item is active or not. A disabled item will not be selectable by a customer or be chargeable.

Pricing rules

Price is the amount we want to charge for the subscription.

Tax needs to be selected, even if we have 0% tax. To see how to set up taxes see how-do-i-create-or-add-a-new-tax-bracket.

Initial price is the amount charged at the start of the subscription. If we want it to be different than the price we put in a different number here.

Recurring price is the amount that will be charged after the initial charge. If we want it to be different than price we put in a different number.

Prorate, if active, sets the date of the next payment to the end of the month and sets the initial price of the subscription based on how many days there are until the end of the month.

Pay what you want is for if we want customers to be able to set their own price. Price then decides the lowest amount customers can set.

Renewal rules

Initial period is the initial length of the first payment. It can be set as weeks, months or years.

Recurring period is where we set when the next payment should be due after the initial period.

Billing period is a legacy value that will discontinued in the near future. For now it can be set the same as the recurring period.

End period is what we use for timed subscriptions. When we add a value here a subscription will renew until it has reached that amount of times. If left empty the subscription continue to charge as long as it is active. In addition to available selections above, you can select days here as well. This is an optional setting.

Checkin increment is a parameter that will be discontinued and only exists for legacy subscription items.


Here we put the images we want to include with our item. While optional, including images will help in both identifying this item in the list of items and help increase customer attention when selling this item online.


Terms and conditions for if we want to optionally include terms and conditions to show during the purchase process.

Categories we use to group similar items together. To see how to create categories have a look at add-a-new-category

Sorting weight determines where in a list of items this item is at. Starting point is 0 (zero) but we can change it to a minus number or a plus number. The higher the number the lower on a list the item is. Sorting weight 1 is higher than sorting weight 10, while sorting weight -10 is higher than 1.


Notification determines if and when we send renewal notification to customers subscribed to this item.

First renewal attempt determines if and when we attempt first auto-renewal.

Grace determines when auto-renewal should stop attempting to charge a customer.

Continuous recurring affects how recurring subscriptions are charged. For example, if this option is selected and a customer is subscribed but could not be charged for two cycles then on the third cycle the customer will be charged for three cycles.

Once we have filled out the necessary fields we click the Save product button and the subscription item is created.