How do I create or add a new tax rate?

Adding a new tax rate

In the left navigation bar we find Store and click on it.

Find Taxes in the menu that opens up.

We should get a screen which lists your current tax brackets.

Click on Add tax a rate at the top of the page.

We should see a form where you need to fill out various information about the tax rate.


Required. The administrative title of this tax rate. It is recommended that this title begin with a capital letter and contain only letters, numbers, and spaces.

Display title

Optional. The front end display title of this tax rate shown to customers. If left blank it defaults to the value we put into Title.


Optional. Description of the tax rate. The text will be displayed in the tax rate overview table.


Required. This is the percentage used to calculate this tax expressed as a decimal, e.g. .06 for a rate of 6%.


Required. Describes what kind of tax this is. If you have none you need to create it, see how-do-i-create-a-new-tax-type for further assistance.

Click on Save tax rate and it should now be ready to use.

Note: If you do not see the option for Taxes under Store or the button to add a tax rate please contact us.